I am a razor

February 16, 2012
By PandaKing BRONZE, Hillsboro, North Dakota
PandaKing BRONZE, Hillsboro, North Dakota
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I’m hidden under your bed
When your parents ask “Are you okay?”
You say “I’m fine” and give a fake smile
You lie to them, hide that you’re depressed
Every time you come to me it is to relieve the stress
You slide me across your wrist
Leaving lines of crimson running down that wrist
You insist and insist you will stop using me
But relieving you of your stress is like my duty
You cause yourself pain, a pain that chills from my steel
A pain that no longer feels real
You think your gaining from using me, relieving your stress
Thinking that this is best
But really, look in a mirror and see the mess
Blood on the sink, your cheeks go pale
You see how you’re dressed
Ragged old jeans and long sleeves
Hiding all the scars I leave
The chill I send against your skin
Then reality hits like a splash of water to the face
You’re bleeding and crying
Feel like you’re dying, you’re slipping
No one to help you fall
You break like a twig from a tree
You use me once, twice, now this will make three
I cause you more pain that you can not see
To you, I’m what sets you free
I feel like an eternal employee
Using me every day, getting paid in blood
You start feeling numb
People flood to the door
They knock and knock but you can’t answer
You’ve fallen to the floor
This time you’ve done it
You cut to deep
Deep down inside
I wish you were asleep
But you’re not, you’re dead
You could have stopped…
Asked for help, not from me
My helps no good as you could have seen
You should have talked to a friend, a counselor maybe
My help was never good
You blamed yourself for everything
When maybe, just maybe; you should’ve just stopped using me…

The author's comments:
This is my first poem. I got the idea from a different poem but this poem is my own

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