February 16, 2012
By dirtbag BRONZE, Malvern, Arkansas
dirtbag BRONZE, Malvern, Arkansas
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life can be a big depression but u have to go with it

If you want to complete something, work hard, because if you dont you wont go far. If you think you cat do something right, try to do it better or else your going to be stuck. If someone is making you made then ignor them. That is what starts drama. If you feel like you would rather be alone than to be with somebody then you should think again. If you feel like running away then maby you should think and start over. If someone says If someone says your week then tell them i may be week but my heart is strong and powerful. People may say stuff and you cant help it but karma will hit them hard.If someone sayd your stupid and cat do anything right then they are wrong. Anybody and everybody will tell you your not perfect but you know you are only perfect if you keep doing the right things and tell yourself you are. Right now people are selfish and care about theirselfs but you have to keep caring.

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