February 22, 2012
By , Grimes, IA
The bell rings for recess;
I run to the door,
All through the hallway,
And over the steps.

My feet hit the blacktop,
That radiates heat.
I race to the woodchips:
My best friend awaits.

I see Sarah, waiting there,
Only for me.
I run up and hug her
And sit in her seat.

My feet push off
Of the golden chips,
And my body meets air
As I start to swing.

My body's suspended,
Out in the sky.
And my feet scrape the clouds
As the ground disappears.

The wind is rushing
Over my face.
My shirt catches fistfulls
And flaps in the air.

I'm utterly flying,
Up high, like a bird
And I can do anything,
Stretching my wings.

The bell rings again,
At recess's end.
I slow down my swing
And hop down to the ground.

I run ot the door,
But then turn around.
I run back, hug Sarah,
And then go inside.

As the door clicks shut,
I look back again.
Sarah is waiting,
Still true as can be.

Sarah now hangs
In the quiet playground.
When I moved away,
My best friend stayed behind.

The shadows grow longer
As one thousand miles
Separate Sarah and me,
For a while.

But friends never waver;
I'll see her again.
Once again in the playground:
She's still my best friend.

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