Changing Circles

February 22, 2012
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Death smiles in the sweetest way,
As he leads his victims astray.
He warns once-
And once again,
As the village walks closer to his den.

The time has come for the end,
As the Devil himself begins to descend.
Purgatory first,
And on to Hell,
The ghetto will be empty by midnight's bell.

Down, down, down towards the fire!
All hearts wrapped in barb wire!
Forward towards death,
Forwards towards Aushwitz,
Forward towards all the other misfits.

Not one second to say good-bye,
Just to watch and wait to die.
Of all this world,
Faith ties the tightest bond,
It forces us to beg help from beyond.

No person remains unchanged,
Life and Goodness have been exchanged.
For family,
And friends as well,
Actions, in the end are what really tell.

From one circle to another,
No one can trust each other.
Cast out of Aushwitz
And in to Buna.
Now comes a whole new different persona.

Trapped in the Garden of Wire,
The snakes close in , their hearts afire.
Oh, change!
For back in hell, bombs bloom,
Two pots of soup, a man's final tomb.

All the weeping angels are dead,
And in all minds God has fled.
As the last child,
Chokes on the noose,
Rare tears are for once, profuse.

On the Day of Atonement black hearts rule
To fast any day is to be a fool.
And the devil has come,
To claim the father's soul,
But leaves instead without his toll.

But not quite yet, it seems to be.
He hovers yet, to claim his fee.
But once again,
He does not take.
But perhaps he should have for the father's sake.

In snow and ice, the final circle.
Witness a son's desperate betrayal,
-And hope-
Never to see it again,
For it has no place among kinsmen.

A sad song does conclude,
Starved animals fight for food.
As people laugh at what they've done.
Only twelve of one hundred have rally won.

Sickness beckons from her home,
Nut then she leaves and starts to roam.
She sets her eye,
Upon the father,
And takes his life without a bother.

In April's fifth day,
A single sunny ray,
Shines Down
The Jews
Just before
The die.
All except 20,000
All but them.
For on April's eleventh day-
The Jews are all free to play.

Evil breeds in every heart,
It tears all love and compassion apart.
Some shall live,
MOst shall die,
But all will change, bye and bye.
Night will never last.

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