February 22, 2012
By Sophomoreswagg.h BRONZE, Nokomis, Florida
Sophomoreswagg.h BRONZE, Nokomis, Florida
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There's something about the blue ocean that makes it so inviting

Makes it looks so peaceful and beautiful with its blue-green waters resting under the light of the sun

Plunging into the salty sea, I Instantly feel that weightlessness sensation.

I often wonder what secrets this mysterious paradise keeps hidden.

From its waves that can't be tamed that crash up against the shore, to the seemingly endless horizon and slow setting sun.

All it's strange and unique creatures that dwell above and beneath the surface.

Some are the monsters of the deep that haunt our nightmares with their terrorizing features and the nature of their being

Yet others take our breath away with their stunning colors and their cleverly decorative designs that shine under the sun.

Coming out of the water i laid down with the gift of warmth the sun brings beating down on my sun-kissed skin. Closing my eyes, i listen to the music that that this delicate place seemed to produce. As i opened my eyes, i saw the graceful rulers of the sky glide across the brilliant blue heavens.

The ocean is a place of mystery. I hope to one day obtain some of its secrets as i walk the sandy shoreline, gaze out at the horizon, and slow;y drift away...

The author's comments:
I used to live across the street from the beach so id go there everyday i loved it

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