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If you could have any power you wanted, what would you choose?
Do you want to fly?
Do you want super-strength?
Well, I have a superpower.
And before you say anything, no. No, it is not anything I just listed.
I'm no Superman.
I'm no Marvel character or DC Comics.
I have all the power I need.
The power to control someone.
To be specific; I can control MYSELF.
I can yell for my beliefs to be heard. Isn't that the same as flying around in neon-colored spandex?
I can hug and kiss and love someone. Is that less then what Superman or Batman can do?
I can stop someone from doing suicide by my own actions. "You may be one person to the world, but to someone out there, you are the world." Does that mean I just saved the world?
I can dream as big as I want. Do I get a cape for that?
I can be a defender against those who are racist towards my friends and family. In that retrospect, didn't I just do as much as someone with laser-vision could do?
If I decide to NOT ruin my life with drugs, alcohol, and smoking, then am I saving the future? Even if it's "just" mine?
If I was to baby-sit a child, then wouldn't I be protecting them?
If I was to tie myself to a tree in order to stop the lumberjacks, then would I be making just as big of a difference as Posion Ivy might? (Even if she was a supervillian)
Was I to pull the winning point in the game, am I saving the team? Do I get a mask?
I can stand up for myself, if so, where's my comic-book?
I can study, become smart, go to a good college, and get a good career. I just became all I very well may need to be. Isn't Bruce Wayne doing the same by being Batman?
I am no going to let whatever disease or disorder or medical condition get in the way of living my life. It is just as much luggage as a secret idenity may be, something to carry around, perhaps forever., then do I need a Medal of Valor too for fighting the fight of and for my life?
I stand before you, the readers, the world, the fictional and nonfictional, to ask one thing...
Aren't we all as strong as Superman in our way?
The answer?

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