The Tree that Never Lost Leaves

January 29, 2012
I try hard to be excepted. No matter what i do it never works.
Looked down upon by a critical family.
The girl that dresses different.
The girl that got in a bit of trouble.
The girl who went crazy.

But i am normal. I love life like any other person.
No longer cutting. No longer smoking.
Maybe an occasional drinking..
But i look for love. Love to spread to everyone.
To help my peers make it through their teenage years.
To keep them from having to experience my life.

So to everyone that feels alone--i will listen.
To everyone that feels abused--take my hand and i will pick you up.
To every person that has ever been bullied--i will tell you, don't worry about pleasing everyone else. Make yourself happy first.
To everyone that has been misunderstood...know that you are not alone.

Live happy, and stay strong.

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