February 20, 2012
Looking back you flood into my mind
I see the countless days of laughter
And the father who would pick me up when I fell
With you in my life my tears quickly faded
And you made it possible for my pain to slowly ease
So young, so oblivious
To the despair and sadness lurking in the world
Unaware that not everything is forever
And endings can come all too soon
You were there to hold my growing hands
But slowly loosened your grip as the years progressed
Those years brought me knowledge
Of the imperfections and flaws of hopes and dreams
Old enough to understand the feeling of loss and sorrow
That’s when I lost you, as you without warning dissolved from my life
The comfort of your hands vanished
And left only fingerprints of the memories I had with you
Yet you touched me in a way that these fingerprints won’t fade
Tragedy had taken its grip and you can’t put into words
How bad the hurt is that you’re gone
For now, I’m left with a hole gaping in my heart
The thought of your love for me mends this hole piece by piece
But only grows wider as it deepens each night,
As my dreams force myself to relive my times with you
Burrowed deep inside beneath my crashing feelings
I feel you reaching out for me
Longing to take back the past, desperately trying to regain the life you had
The ending between a family did come too soon
But forever isn’t over
I know you’ll be back for me
You’ll grab my hands and renew the joy inside me
When you left, you took a part of me
Now I remain jagged, twisted, torn
I’ve turned rigid, and rigid trees break in the wind
That wind is turning my blue skies to gray
My walls are falling down and I’m becoming weak
But I need you to know, I want you to know
That each moment you’re gone, I may deteriorate a little more
I may begin to resent your mistakes
But all of this simply because you are to me, something no one else can be;
My father
Day by day I’m making it through
Because words cannot express
How much a daughter, could love her father

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