February 20, 2012
I have been writing a story entitled “My Life.”
I have written 15 pages, with my pen.
But while writing these pages, my hand would occasionally slip.
Causing a flaw, or a mistake.

I should erase it, and make the story better.
But I can’t... My permanent ink pen.
I am rendered unable to erase my mistakes.
I cannot make this wrongness right.

I can attempt cross it out
But these mistakes can’t be eliminated.
Maybe if I had thought this through,
“My Life” wouldn’t be so filled with mistakes.

Why did I do that? What was I thinking?
My mistakes don’t just hurt me, but others.
I wish I could take it back, or erase it.
I wish “My Life” had fewer mistakes.

But as I continue to write,
My hand will continue to slip,
And more mistakes and regrets will occur,
But they will make “My Life” worth writing.

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