Love Forever

February 20, 2012
You are the love of my life;
You mean the world to me.
When you look back I'll always be there,
I promise you this.

Side by side is where we both belong.
Nothing will ever tear us apart.
When you look someone you don’t give up;
And I will never give up.

When someone won’t leave your mind;
Maybe that’s where you belong.
You have never left my mind,
And I doubt you ever will.

What’s meant to happen,
Will always happen.
I used to wear smiles like Band-Aids;
To cover the pain, but still be broken underneath.

Now that I’ve met you,
My smiles just... Happen.
I feel appreciated and needed,
For the first time in a long time.

When I’m feeling downhearted,
You’re always there,
To lift me back up,
And make me forget the bad.

You’re like the sun on my dark and dreary day,
The wind to my still, unmoving air,
The voice slicing through the silence,
The love, when hate secludes us all.

When I’m with you,
That’s where I belong.
And honestly,
It’s the only place I ever want to be.

Words can’t even begin to describe
What you mean to me.
You’ve made me, who I am today,
And I’m proud to be yours.

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