My Birthday

February 11, 2012
Waking up to a new day,
As though I am forgetting something.
Scurrying to my calendar.
To my surprise, I forgot it was my birthday!

Beginning to have a jittery feeling.
Dressing up in denim jeans and a Hawaiian shirt,
Feeling anxious for the party.
I can’t wait and my heart starts reeling.

Been planning this for weeks,
Invited all my family and friends,
This event is actually happening and so it seems.
The day has finally come just like a dream.

Waiting patiently as though clocks with moving hands.
Every few minutes like an hour glass with falling sands.
Friends and family show up,
We share some laughs and stories,
As we all wait for more to come with slight worry.

Seeing all familiar faces,
Talking everywhere.
Smiles and laughter filled the air,
Meeting up with old and new friends.

All invited guests appears to be here
With presents of all sizes
From birthday cards of cheer.

Gathering around the table,
A cake waiting there with a sweet icy label.
Everyone was counting the candles,
To see how old I am.
Ten candles to be exact.
Those years went by so fast.

Everyone chanting, “Happy Birthday.”
Blowing out the candles in one breath,
Whispering to myself my wish.
Hoping my wish will come true.

The party should have lasted longer.
From the second it started,
Until the time it ended,
This birthday,
Was a birthday too special to forget.
And my I say without regret.

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