February 11, 2012
By Zimmerman, Oxford, AL

My heart is broken,
shattered to bits.
My pain is like,
I've taken a series of hits.
you betrayed my love,
shredded my care.
Ripped my heart up,
as much as you dared.
The pain is now pumping,
like poison in my veins.
And what makes it more sad,
is that you treat it like games.
My sadness now over,
onto the flames.
I'm no longer a player,
to your silly games.
I walk by you now,
glad that I'm free,
and send you a smirk,
sayin', "Don't you miss me?"

The author's comments:
My friend was really upset about a breakup, and to make her feel better, I wrote her this. It was liked by alot of my friends, so I decided to post it.

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