February 11, 2012
By Nessa5v SILVER, West Valley City, Utah
Nessa5v SILVER, West Valley City, Utah
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one, two, three

get on with the show

set me free

but never let me go

I may not always be their when you fall,

but you know I'll help you off the ground,

laughing through it all

that's when you know a friendship has been found

I scream before you tell me I'm wrong,

you laugh before I know what to say,

that's what makes our friendship so strong

we'll never know what makes us this way

We fight and make up, in the same breath,

we talk forever, rarely saying a word

laughing and screaming till' death

We save the tears for another day

And hope that day will never come our way

you tell me I'm dark,

you tell me it's scary

and I come back with a childish remark

as you say I should write something merry

so here it is, happy and light

friends come, they don't all stay

but we're hanging in for the fight

but I can't promise it will all be okay

Friends are forever,

but best friends are us...

The author's comments:
One of my friends told me I had to write a happy poem, that it could NOT be dark at all. So I wrote about the people that can always make me laugh.

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