Cornstarch and Water

February 11, 2012
By Maybs13 BRONZE, Gloucester, Massachusetts
Maybs13 BRONZE, Gloucester, Massachusetts
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I like to keep my emotions like cornstarch and water.
Everything seems normal; it's just a liquid.
But that's all too deceiving.
If you jostle me around, I take a shape,
And you realize I'm way more complicated than you originally thought.
Go ahead, try to pick me up. I promise you won't be able to handle me.
Many have tried; few have succeeded.
I'll slip right through your fingers.
"No. Really. I'm fine. Don't worry." I say. What a lie.
But you believe me, so you put me down
And I seep right through the cracks in the floor as I reach an all time low.
But while my heart is in the ground, I hold my head high.
The less people who worry about me the better.
My head is strong but my heart is weak.
But maybe one day this will all be over,
And I'll keep my cornstarch and water as far away from each other as possible.

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