The Last Memory

February 11, 2012
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Our fingers intertwine,
We walk on the glittery sand,
Two pairs of footprints,
Messily left behind.

We talked for hours,
We walked forever…
We joked around,
And we got wet with salt water.

Out toes are covered in sand,
The bottom of our pants-soaked,
Knowing today was the best day,
We knew today was the last day.

The last day to feel your gentle hands,
The last day to say those precious words,
The last day to hear your amazing voice,
The last day to see your sparkling cerulean blue eyes.

The sun was setting,
And you had to go…

Your bags are in the trunk,
Your keys in your parents’ hand,
They’re taking you away,
And they say we’re forbidden.

I kiss your cheek
Ever so gently,
I hug you
Ever so tightly.

I lock away this moment…

What I felt,
What I heard,
What I saw,
What I smelled,
What I tasted.

It starts to rain,
And you get in the car,
You parents drive away slowly,
Leaving a stinging pain.

I see the car disappear,
Into the salty smelled mist,
As if waiting for your return…
For you to stay.

Today was the last day…
Today was the last memory….

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