February 11, 2012
America is my home.
It’s where I can go on an adventure
And roam.
Whenever I need love and care,
I know America will always be there.

The flag stands proudly wherever I go.
It can survive any weather,
Rain or snow.
The Bald Eagle is very protective.
The power of the Eagle is very affective.

America is the land of the free.
Where you can do whatever you wish
And even get a degree.
Walking on the streets of Manhattan
Almost feels like walking on satin.

There are holidays that we celebrate all around.
It can make us smile, laugh, or frown.
Presents on Christmas morning
And not touch the cookies without a warning.
From having a secret Santa at school,
To not getting anything and looking like a fool.
You can have the best day of your life,
And then have a terrible fight with your wife.

Life is unpredictable here in America.
It can snow in May
And be wonderfully sunny the next day.
No matter where you live
Or how you live,
You’ll always be proud of your country
And who you are.

I wasn’t born here.
But if someone asks me where’s my home,
I will proudly answer them,
“My home is America”

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Silver2black said...
Feb. 24, 2012 at 6:54 am
This is very good for a starter, I think it could be better in some places, I like that it rhymes, but seems 2 be forced in some parts, Not all poems have 2 rhyme, Thanks so much for this Beautiful share :) I see that you have love and care for your country, Keep it up I'd like to read more !
marinafungirl replied...
Feb. 27, 2012 at 9:14 pm
thank you so much! i'll be posting more for sure!
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