Thank You

February 11, 2012
I loved you from day one
I couldn’t help but love you a ton.
But of course you had to ignore me
I was the only girl you could never see.

I continued to fall for you
Kept telling myself it couldn’t be true
I had to be in your life
Dreamed to be your wife.

But you crushed my heart to pieces
Watching as my confidence decreases
You made me never want to love again
You were the cause of my suffering and pain.

You were supposed to make me happy
And that job of yours you did very crappy
You called me fat
Told me I was a spoiled brat.

I could never be good enough
Always so far from being tough
You seemed to hate me
Wanted to steal away my glee.

You stomped my dreams to nothing
My hopes just kept on crushing
I wanted you to disappear
You were the root of my fear.

But here I am today
Standing strong with none of your hate
I’ve found someone that finally loves me
Someone that will always accept my mistakes
And I wanted to thank you both.

Thank you for the scars you left me
Thank you for the pain no one sees
Thank you for the burns I’ll forever carry
Thank you for the times I was made only of fury.

Thank you for hating me
Thank you for casting my heart to sea
Thank you for crushing me to nothing
And thank you for never loving.

Because without the pain you’ve given me
I wouldn’t be the person you see
And because of what I’ve learned
That whatever doesn’t kill you
Only makes you stronger
I am the person neither of you will ever be.

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