February 11, 2012
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I close my eyes
and my fingers move faster
across your beautiful body
I've cried over you
held you everyday
for hours at a time
you may not be flawless
but neither am I.

The chip on your shoulder
a symbol of our hard times together
the scratches across your body
memories from the road
but your long thin neck
stretching nearly to the heavens
brings me down to earth

I hold you close
feel the vibrations through you
explore your grooves with my lips
open my eyes again
and notice that
you're telling me something
and the sounds fill me
I'm moved
and the others move to you

When I lay you down
back into your
sad place away from me
my being longs for
your reassuring tones
but I must return
to the cold truth of life

So on sad days
where I need you even more
I'll take you with me
But you're stone silent
'till I love you again

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