Here We Go

February 11, 2012
Here we go,
Your at my door, reaching for my hand.
I try to remember, but I just can't.
You tell me,
just how much things have changed.
I know that in your head,
I am the one deranged.

Here we go again,
trying to get back on the right foot,
Well I have 2 left feet.
Besides a guy like you, could never be sweet.
You pull your hand away,
the same as always.

I decided that it's fine,
you can pretend to want me back.
I know how you are with that.
I decided I can pretend I don't want you.
I used to, I really did.
I've grown up more, since we were just kids.

Hours had been days, days have been weeks.
Now only the weakest weap.
I no longer weap from rips.
If only you never did this.
Here we are again, standing in my door way,
What is left to say?

And if you ever find your way again,
it will not be a draw.
I never yeild nor do I repeal.
I know in death you never will.
I know in the end,
I will be the one who wins.
Here we go, yet again.

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