February 17, 2012
He steps into death
from the doorway of life
a rain filled leaf snapping at the stem

When he was young
He listened to a voice
far greater than the clouds
He heard it in his mother's smile
and in his father's heart

"Rest and be still. Your time will come."

And it would come.
It has come today.
Fear crept into his mind
but his heart fought it down

Shaky hands
Yet, steady footprints

A shiver snakes up
the bulges of his spine

Invade his faith

As eyes are brimming with love
He bows his head
and exhales his last

A broken leaf spiraling toward the sea
it tumbles and crumbles
it is beaten and fading
as it falls into the sea
but it is filled with new hope
as the salt invades his pigment

He glows with the love that only he can know
He rises as they fall to their knees

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