This Is Envy

February 17, 2012
She curls, spreads, and gently treads
She bursts upon the scene in a subtlety
That is oh-so-keen
This is envy
She arrives so suddenly to give a sharp kick
And then you notice yourself start to feel sick
Envy meets shame, while contemplating with revenge
She plans, and connives, while waiting for their sighs
She turns us into something we said we’d never be
But have a taste and you will soon see
She put us in such a division, that you won’t even care for the collision
She only allows us to see our goal
The conflicts, disasters, and deaths all contribute to the toll
For which she provides us comfort temporarily
She’ll take it back as soon as your conscience speaks
Under her wing, all lives will leak
With corruption and want for redemption
She always stirs up more tension
This is her doing, her purpose, and there she sows
Envy is alive and she slowly grows
She is often the cause of most woes with each heart she stows
Forever repaying in the hands of her slaying

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Pianist Aunt said...
Feb. 21, 2012 at 6:16 am
This is a very wise poem. Thoughtful words about a very human emotion.
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