Rapunzel's Sister

February 14, 2012
By soaringbug GOLD, San Francisco, California
soaringbug GOLD, San Francisco, California
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When they looked up Rapunzel
They locked her in a tower
A tower that touched the sky
And tickled the clouds

When they locked up her sister
They locked her in a cottage
A cottage that hugged the ground
And kissed the grass

And why, you ask, should the sister
Be awarded the shoddy arrangement?

Because, I say, the sister's beauty
Outshone Rapunzel's.
The sister's beauty outshone the sun.
She was a marvel,
Hidden most cleverly.
Most inconspicuously

Why, you ask, would the sister
Be incapable of escaping the prison?

Because, I say, the sister believed
In Prince Charming
When she saw him ride past
Every day.
Because, I say, the beautiful sister waited
For Prince Charming.

And for her waiting
She was rewarded with a broken heart
And a thousand tears
When he rode off with Rapunzel.

The author's comments:
twist on Rapunzel

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