February 14, 2012
By toriebabes71211 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
toriebabes71211 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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When you find peace within yourself, you become the kind of person who can live at peace with others.

Memories flying by so fast,
It's hard to tell what's the truth or lie,
The truth sometimes comes as a blow,
But always take life as it comes.

It's hard to grow up sometimes,
Because then your on your own,
But you can always have help.

I need help,
I cry and I laugh,
At the same time,
Because I don't know how to deal with things.

Through out my life,
I've had sad memories,
I've had happy memories.

Like when Daddy used to spin my around,
I was always twirling,
As a little girl,
I was always Daddy's princess,
Sissy to my brothers and sisters.

I was beautiful,
Daddy would do my make-up,
He would curl my hair,
And dress me up,
So I was his pretty, little girl.

We were the only ones,
Who had a special dance,
But that all changed,
When I grew older.

He gets worse and worse each year,
My Daddy's still here,
But he's always in pain.

I wish I could take away the death,
That is slowly creeping up,
I wish I had to bear the pain,
Instead of him.

He knows that someday,
He'll leave us kids for good,
We will lose the strength,
We will lose the bond,
That our family shares.

We would be alone,
If we didn't have each other,
We will be mourning for our father,
Our best friend,
Our savior.

We will no longer be able to run,
Run to him with all our troubles,
Like we do now,
Everyday, all the time.

That's the thing,
Life handles out,
Hard fact and challenges,
But you must take the hand,
God deals you.

I will survive,
Because I know,
That my Daddy,
Is always with me,
In my heart,
And I will always have his advice,
In my head.

His spirit will linger on,
In our home,
As if he he's still there,
We will never forget him.

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