The Weird Inside of Me

February 14, 2012
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I used to try, but nobody acknowledged
I’m just invisible
The clear contact lost in the pool
Only this is an ocean
I’m being swallowed up
Sidewalk walks, keeping my head down
Thinking- don’t look at me, don’t look at me
Because maybe they’ll see the weird inside of me

I’m not normal, no
I’m the weirdo
Sitting in this library
On Valentine’s Day
Writing about something inside of me

Something bitter, something cold
A prick in my heart that I’m trying to extract
If I do, the rest of me will finally flow
It’s stuck pretty deep, and I’m struggling
To hold it between my dry fingers to
Keep it from sinking in any deeper
To prevent it from being swallowed up by my flesh
Because then it might become a part of me
But it’s not me, no, this isn’t me
I was meant to be free

Who knew this splinter could become so much more
It’s as big as my earth
Covering me up
Making me invisible
Oh, no, I’m nothing special
I’m just a splinter
I need somebody to pull me free

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