True Love

February 14, 2012
When I first saw you,
I felt like I already knew you.
When I first said hello,
I knew I’d never say good-bye.

As I look into your eyes,
I see all the tears you’ve cried.
I feel all the pain you’ve felt,
And all the happiness you want.

As I feel your warm arms around me,
I know this is what Heaven’s like.
And as you kiss me,
My heart melts into yours.

As you say “I love you,”
I know I can believe those words.
And as you hold me close,
I feel warm and safe.

As I look into the night sky,
I can see our future together.
And as I wonder if you’re looking too,
I slowly drift to sleep.

As I dream, I dream of only you.
You are my everything.
For you, I live and breathe.
Baby, to me you are perfect.

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