Don't Let Me Fall

February 14, 2012
I’m falling to the ground
as the world is rushing past
I wish I could reach the surface
But I just keep falling
Through years of pain I see the bottom
And wait for it to come
But from behind me there is a voice
That calls out to hold on, too keep fighting
To return to the blue sky
And look back up to the gleaming moon
and the shining sun falling in the horizon
But I’m far to low,
And I’m nearly at the bottom
But instead I just keep falling
I keep waiting for the air to drop me
And reach what awaits below
But you call out to me to reach back for the sky
You remind me of what is up there
And soon my tears are gone
And I’m racing and reaching for life again
But when I reach the surface
I’m all alone
Lost in the burning heat of the sun
In my sorrow and desperation
I feel like I’m falling all over again
And without knowing it, I slip
And I’m falling towards the ground
Faster than before
But when I hit the ground
You're there to catch me

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