If You Ever Loved Me

February 14, 2012
By Anonymous

Do you find it funny that in the heat of that fearless night, we confessed everything to each other. We let everything out. Leaving no regrets to follow. Then the next day we act like nothing ever happened. How do we do that? I rather talk about it, but for the sake of other things and other people we can't. Then that awkward car ride to school on Monday morning. I'm sitting in the back seat, you keep glancing at me. Crazy girl comes on the radio and you just smile. Your staring at me just smiling. I'm not for sure what this means exactly. All I know is I'm worried it won't make things better, but yet if no one knows it can't make things worse. So lets just keep all of this between us. Please, if you ever loved me, you'll do this.

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