What Does it Mean to be Free?

February 14, 2012
What does it mean to be free?
To be liberated from rule?
To get out of school?
To rebel against the system?
To follow Him?

What is freedom to you?

For me…being free is just a dream.
To others it may not seem
All that hard,
But after being the same all your life,
It’s hard to change my ways.
It can’t be done in a day.
But if only I could break free,
Of others opinions, of caring what they think.
If I could be free from worrying about pleasing others.
If I could sometimes just please me,
Then maybe I would be free.

It’s not worth speaking my mind.
It will only be returned in kind.
But not really,
Because it will be ten times worse
All I will hear is words of curse.
I might as well have summoned the wraths of hell,
Because nothing will ever be well.

I will deal with it until the end of time,
Nothing will change at the drop of a dime
This is my life and my fate,
That has been decided.
A constant reminder will be the pain and the hate
That smolders inside
A burning fire, that will never dissipate,
Until I really learn.

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