February 14, 2012
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A man was playing in the park with his wife and children,
He was a great human as he was working for the nation,
Harry Martin was his name and he worked for the Air Force,
He was the best airman as he had taken a special course.

His family was glad as he came back after a long time,
They played all day and did not realize it was kids bedtime,
Harry was happy as his mom was coming in a few days
But he did not know he was getting called back the next day.

It was a really big day for Harry today,
Being the best, he was called in for a mission on Sunday,
This was one of the biggest and unique missions of his life,
On hearing this exciting news, he told his kids and wife.

After hearing this news, his wife got really worried,
This reminded Carry, his wife, of the day her dad got buried,
He gave her a hug and told her "I will be alright,"
He also said his team is great and will win the fight.

Very next morning, he prepared and left for the base,
This was the last time his kids and wife were seeing his face,
As he reached this base, he met his captain and the team,
Captain explained to them, enemies are very mean.

They decided the plan of the attack on the enemies,
It was a must to win the war, since they crossed the boundaries,
As they were about to takeoff, he went to check his bird,
His captain said, he checked his bird, and to take his word.

Captain assured him "I checked the bird as if it was mine,"
He trust his captain and thought he checked the bird and should be fine,
As per the plan, he sat in the bird and took the lead,
He trust his captain, and thought his bird has all its need.

He led his team towards the enemies’ direction,
Winning this battle was a must to get the world’s attention,
They dropped bombs as they entered enemies’ territory,
As their base was destroying, he was seeing victory.

Harry did not know this great feeling would not last long,
As he did not know his captain has done something wrong,
Suddenly, he saw the red light turn on in his dashboard,
He knew this was something, which should not at all be ignored.

Right away he realized his bird was running out of fuel,
He knew he could not freak out, and kept his mind peaceful,
He realized he does not have fuel to return to base,
So he decided to get out with his parachute, in the space.

He realized that his parachute switch was missing,
So he informed his captain about it vanishing,
Captain listened to his problem and started laughing,
Right away he realized he made a mistake by trusting.

Before he could do anything, his bird hit the mountain,
He thought about his family and how their heart will have this stain,
So he jumped out of his bird and decided to try his best,
He landed in a snow mountain which felt like a birds nest.

Local villagers found him and tried to save his life,
He survived and right away called his children and wife,
He got back with the local help and only needed rest,
And told truth to the FBI and his captain got arrest.

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