living in a cold world

February 14, 2012
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Why is then world so cold
we go day by day
thinking we can gt through another road
we should never think of the past
all it ever does is bring us pain
we should always focus on then future.

We are the future
we were once bold
we always took in all then pain
that hit us day after day
the past will always be the past
no matter which way we take towards that road

we should walk down that road
that holds our future
that can help us forget the past
and the stories that were never told
we shall give it another day
to see if we can ever get rid of that unwanted pain.

We can never get rid of that pain
once we walk down that road
on any God giving day
the ones that share our future
and the ones that were never told
because they will never come forward for they are always in the past

we once lived in the past
that once had that pain
but now we are bold
and we can walk down that road
that leads us to the future
but not lead us into another unsuccessful day.

We talk through those unwanted days
that holds our past
and never tells us our future.
So we can never express those pain
once we walk through that road
of the world which is so cold

we are the future of another day
the ones that have to deal with the cold of the past
so take in all the pain so we can continue on this road.

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