Dear Nothing-A Sestina

February 14, 2012
By gabbydd13 BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
gabbydd13 BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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If I call you Nothing,
Don’t take it personally, that’s how I feel
What you did was something wrong,
And uncalled for. You should have just left
Before I actually grew feelings for you
I cannot deny that I fell in love.

In actuality you’ve been the only one I’ve loved.
And now when I think of you I call you Nothing.
Nothing because it is what I was to you.
Nothing because it’s what you felt.
Nothing because it’s what of my you have left.
Tell me, nothing, am I wrong?

You can’t because I’m not wrong.
It’s not right to play how you did in the game of love.
Nothing, you should have at least left
Me an explanation, instead you left me with nothing
But empty promises, lies on how you felt,
And excuses on why I should forget you.

You see Nothing, I am nothing like you .
I can’t just hurt people and do them wrong,
I can’t lie to them about the way that I feel,
You do not know the meaning of love.
You receive so much but you don’t ever give nothing
In return. You just leave…

Nothing, I cannot understand why you left
Was it because I wasn’t enough for you?
I don’t understand nothing
Tell me please what I did wrong?
Tell me why you didn’t love
Me back, why you didn’t feel the way I felt.

Well Nothing, I guess you just don’t have any feelings
You proved that when you left
But I hope one day you are able to love
And that person ends up hurting you,
And leaving you with the feeling of nothingness.

You made me hate love
You emptied my heart, and left it with nothing
but to this day Nothing, I cannot say I don’t still love you.

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