Fate's Path- A Sestina

February 14, 2012
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You see, we all come from different areas and no one knows
We continually watch people walk into our lives without saying bye
Trudging down the only path we know, the only road
What we experience can force people to their knees and pray
That this and many other problems are only holes
With the wisdom we gain we begin to pour and pour

We put the happiness we yearn for in someone who may be rich or poor
That one person tugs at the chords of our emotions and they know
Every action affects you as a whole
It makes you question if there is anything you can buy
So your heart will stop becoming the prey
That one day we hope we’ll get our lives back on the road

Our pasts are like the only horse we’ve ever rode
Remembering what it felt like to strive with sweat dripping from our pores
We struggle through our ordeals hoping to get some praise
Other times it’s no skin off the nose
It’s a wonder how we can ever get by
While the people we love are digging us a hole

Why is dumping all of your feelings into someone good as a whole?
You’ll have nothing if they leave similar to the water that gets rowed
Over and over again shoved aside with no hope for a prayer
Seems like too much to ask for when all you want to be is poured
Into the jar with someone else, closing the lid and it never has to be known
That at one point the love you cherish had once led your heart to become prey

If you’re stuck then turn a frown upside-down and hope for the best, a prayer
Will the lives we lead take us to great places? Or are we stuck in our holes?
Hoping that one day we can look back and say we gave knowledge that we knew
Writing these types of poems in an effort to combine the roads
Leading us to greater riches in love and avoiding the inevitable poor
Because we’ll never know who will stick with us or who’ll keep walking by
A muse powers our writing and gives us the strength to withstand goodbyes
Gives us a reason to continue on with our lives living on the prayer
That if we can prevent our pain from spreading by the act of pouring
Then what’s to say we can’t fix our hearts and fill the hole
Left by someone we cared about on the heart’s rode?
By using the advice of a friend whose “in the know?”

As life goes on, you and I will pour everything we have into something we can buy
The type of love we can both know and I’d be so thankful that I’d even pray
For a day where I didn’t have the hole that needed filling and a hand to hold down the road.

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