Listening to the Melodies of Life- a sestina poem

February 14, 2012
By angiebabyxoxo GOLD, South Plainfield, New Jersey
angiebabyxoxo GOLD, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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Music is the way I describe my soul.
The way I can show my past.
All the hard times I went through.
The moments when with in me I found peace.
The times I was a queen and I sat upon my throne.
I will tell you how a song can have an effect.

Each note, dot, or line changes the music’s affect.
When the song plays it describes every inch of my soul.
The harsh crescendos are all the obstacles that were thrown.
The sad melodies remind me to never forget my past.
The light tempo keeps me intact to my inner peace.
My life is surrounded by music that helps me pull through.

People must look threw
me and see how something so small can have a big effect.
My heart has been shattered into pieces.
But music has been there to glue back together my soul.
So many people try to change the past,
I only listen to fast melodies that put me on a king’s throne.

So strong and tall, I fell like I can dodge anything thrown.
People stand in shock and wonder how I got threw
all the painful parts of my past.
Each sound creates an effect
That will reflect and change my soul.
Music is so big in the world that it has the ability to create peace.

My life is like a blank piece
Of paper waiting for the musician to throw
All the notes and rhythms that play throughout my soul.
No one can feel the lashing pain I go through
And how my life is affected.
Music can tell the stories of our past.

I try to get pass
All the things that got in my way. But I can never find the peace
Within me. It just caused too big of an effect
For me to forget. Whatever is thrown
At me I try to move out of its line of fire. I get tired of going through
The same things. I can’t cut anymore wounds into my soul.

So I will change the effect, and turn away from the past.
A new song has filled my soul, and its filling in the missing pieces.
I can dodge everything thrown. Music helps me get through.

The author's comments:
without music there would be no such thing as life.

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