A little girl with a big secret

February 14, 2012
By Jennaaa GOLD, Congers, New York
Jennaaa GOLD, Congers, New York
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"live for the moment".
"live laugh love".

All she sees, big girl, little secret
Along term habit, a little secret, an addiction
Look in the mirror, disappointment, bigger than reality
Bad look on life, hate it, always negative
Glass is half empty, no remorse, everything’s terrible
Eat something; bathroom, same old toothbrush
Bad breath, enamel wearing, big dark circles
Fatigue, dizziness, not hungry
Never felt this, going out, bad decision
Saturday night, friend’s house, free of temptation
Fun party, skinny girls, self-consciousness
Amazing friends, love them, lots of fun
Friend’s clueless, amazing time, until now
Eyes close, falling slowly, ouch
Petrified girl, nothing secret anymore, this must stop
Sudden darkness, nothing’s there, what’s happening?
Eyes open, bright white light, faint cries
Ambulance, piercing sirens, speeding
Huge needles, roaring machines, people with masks
Painful pinches, rush of pain, loud beeps,
Scared, hands trembling, speechless
Worried family, shocked, nervous wrecks
Blink of an eye, home, warmth and comfort
Feel loved, treasured, cherished
Time together, as a family, built a bridge
All so close, never dishonest, always open
Two years later, time went by, lived and learned
Strong girl, delirious past, remarkable recovery
Happy girl, moved forward, no more secrets
Look in the mirror, joyful smile, beautiful
Eat something; then some more, no more bathrooms
Feel incredible; look great, full of energy
Best friends, there for years, reinforcing
Caring family, amazing people, love them
Rejoiced, whole new lease on life, positive
Enjoying life, every second, glass is half full

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