Keep on Fighting

February 14, 2012
By samcorman BRONZE, Burlington, Connecticut
samcorman BRONZE, Burlington, Connecticut
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Keep on fighting

Like the lion cub separated from his parents at birth.
Like the little child who is diagnosed with cancer.
Like the Patriots defeating the British at Yorktown.
Like the children in Africa starving to death today.

Keep on fighting

Like the dying soldier bleeding out during combat.
Like the gazelle being chased down by the cheetah.
Like the Athenian army defeating Persia at Thermopylae.
Like the little engine that could.

Keep on fighting

Like the yellow-fin tuna attached to the hook of a fishing pole.
Like the Israelites escaping the Pharaoh and Egypt to Canaan.
Like the Kirk Gibson home run hit in the 1988 World Series.
Like the millions of people affected in New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina

Keep on fighting

Like the starfish washed up upon the Gulf Shores.
Like the people of Japan losing homes in a tsunami.
Like the dying man attempting to summit Everest.
Like Rosa Parks refusing to give up her seat.

Keep on fighting

Like the poverty in Haiti being struck by a earthquake.
Like the Yellowstone buffalo skirmishing for his life every winter.
Like the Jewish men and woman hiding under tables during the Holocaust.
Like the brave pilot crashing a jet into the Hudson River.

Keep on fighting
Keep fighting.

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