It's All I've Wanted To Hear

February 14, 2012
By , Littleton, CO
For that whole year.
Just six simple words.
One sentence.
One question.
But why couldn't anybody do it?

Was it because it was to difficult?
Too "not my place" or you?
Were my screams and cry for help too unnoticeable?
Were the cuts on my wrist too invisible to see?
Was the change in the length of my hair too much of a sign?
Was the silence of my voice too loud of a scream?
A cry?
For help.
Were my red flags too bright to take notice?

Why couldn't they have asked that one simple question?
That one sentence.
Those six words?

It's all I wanted.
Was to hear it.
How difficult is it?
To say, "Is there anything I can do?"
Tell me how difficult it is to help a person screaming to get your attention.

Tell me. Please. Tell me.

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