The Fight to be Heard

February 13, 2012
By ellisak GOLD, Olathe, Kansas
ellisak GOLD, Olathe, Kansas
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Favorite Quote:
"Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools, because they have to say something." - Plato

The voices I hear
Make me want to disappear
But I don't hear them anymore

The whispers I seek
That spoke with such critique
Don't hear me anymore

I've learned my lesson
So they just lessen
Ignoring me; not hearing me

This is a good thing
But why did it leave such a sting?
A pain in my brain
A twitch in my veins
But this is a good thing

I should be excited
But I'm so shortsighted
In whatever it is to come
My heart beats like a drum

I thought i was fine
Then I think of the shrine
I might've had if I died
That's what happened when I lied
I died a little inside
I lost my guide
But that's what happens when you lie
You're so shy, you want to cry

You can't talk
You just walk your angry walk
Inside you're burning
You're afraid of not returning
You build up your wall early
It should be stronger, surely
But you lose it just a second
You lose you're strength you reckon

But you're okay
You say
I'm not far behind
People are just blind
They're blind to the bone
Even when they see that you're alone
Are they trying to ignore me?
They bathe in their own glee
Are they trying to take from me?
They would disagree

And when you're dead
You're dead
And when you're not
You've used all you got
You've been digging that escape Tunnel for way too long
As they dream of vacationing in Hong Kong
Or dream up their own theme song, all along
For a song they rush along trying to tag along
With the rest of their group
They're playing life in a loop
So are you
And it's true
You get that mistake
Their final hand break or a fish on a steak
They're holding out on you
But there's not just a few
There's a whole life awaiting for me and you
Not just because we learned kung fu

We're strong
And they're wrong
We can fight
They can bite
We can live
They can't give
We revive
And they thrive
On whatever life gives them
Using too much of vitamin M
Living longer
They're not stronger
We ignore them
But they're rich
Rich like a transparent gem
Like they just turned on the switch

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