Things my mother could never accept

February 13, 2012

She looks away from me
Doesn’t say a word to me
My brother glares at me
Saying this is your fault
My heart tells me to change
I tried everything
To get her attention
I failed my freshman year
Wanting for her to notice that I’m alive
She could never accept that this is me
I have brown eyes
She has blue
I have brown hair
She has blond
She wants me to look different
She wants me to act different
She wants me to be different
Why can she accept that this is me
She cried at night
For me hoping I could be the perfect daughter
I walked to my room
I shut the door
Fading into the quiet
I felt my tears come and they never left
My mother wants me to be her
I’m sorry but this
This is who I am
The girl who is nothing like you

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