February 9, 2012
For my dear, my love shall never diminish.
Stay strong - when we reach new lows.
Just know, it shall never change this feeling.
Squeezed tight in my chest - that my heart threatens to explode.
Splashing love across my insides.
As we hold hands and parade around what others long to find.
Know that in the darkest of moments you never leave my mind.
Tattooed across my heart are our memories of great times.
And your name undo-able, unchanging - forever.
Scarred into this flesh, inked invisible across my skin.
For you have set the standard,
of which no one else compares.
With a sweet kiss we say goodbye tonight.
Yet I - shall never say goodbye to you.
I thought I knew what love was but I was blinded.
Then you took me in your loving arms and I found the truth.

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