The Unseen

February 1, 2012
To be among the living is bliss
But creeping beneath the shadows unseen
No one unique can miss

I walk these streets everyday
But disappearance may be the way

I am seen more when I am just a wisp of air
Clouding and going in times of despair
Body of being couldn’t be there

But feel the essence of the soul
To make things parts a whole
Now you see me
And you wonder what am I to be
The things that are done but you cannot see

A glimpse of dark eyes and flowing hair
Wondering if I am truly there

But when I am gone
These trivial occurrences are never wrong

If I was there, you may wonder where

Walking along these streets
If you may not have heard
Listen, listen to my unspoken words

When things are placed out of ordinary
I ask you to label these things extraordinary

For only when I become a legend
I can do so much more
To bend time, and make wind soar

I am the soft lullaby when your mother has forgotten
I know well what to do when it is when

I am the soft touch of a lover’s lost
Bringing memories at the cost

Now you see me
And soon you will not
As silence is taught

Because now you don’t

For being this way I am alone
My curse set upon in stone

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