Heaven Isn't A Place; It's A State Of Mind.

January 20, 2012
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walking through the Garden Of Eden, losing my way into pools of temptation.
butterflies & shooting stars.
i can smell the fresh grass, i can feel it breathe.

take away all my lies.
take away my blasphemies.
take away my hypocrisy.
take away all my sins.

drive away my bad conscience..
drown down my hate..
fade away my envy..
break apart my shadow.

"forgive me,Father for i have sinned."

don't leave me here with so much pain.
wash it all away with pools & pools of mercy.

& what i've done.
& what i've made.
& what i've caused.
& what i've broken apart..
& what i've destroyed.
& what i've changed.
& what i've said.
& what i've thought.
& what i've felt.

all of it, take it all away & leave me pure.
nothing more but me.
just me; that's all i wanna be.

slowly & painfully, i feel an aching feeling growing inside me.
it's like a demon, crawling through me..darkening every particle of life.
it's like a sea of darkness, flooding my being..drowing me eternally.

oh please come here & save me!
just come flying down & catch me!

purify me.
kiss away the evilness in me.
make me better.
purify me.

here! take my heart!
take it,please!
mend it, bless it..
let it be able to give & recieve love.
all the stains it has..make them disappear..
all the wounds..make them go away..
& then i'll take it back.

& open up my eyes & let me see..
let me see every single drop of rain fall from your heart to my home..
let me see the neverending love that flows through the streets..
let me find faith within each word i speak..
& let me find happiness behind every tragedy.

& dont ever leave me.
& dont ever forget me.

help me find my way back to you.
help me find my way back to you.
that's all i've ever wanted.
that's all i'll ever need.

& when i have been completely purified & reborn..
let your light ignite my soul.
& let your hands hold my heart in place..
& let your eyes captivate me entirely.
& let your breath blow away whatever's left of my sins.

that's all i want.
to be at peace by your side.
to find myself in paradise with you.

let me reach you.
let me find you.
let me hold you in my hands & feel the perfection of your skin..
let me kiss your feet.
let me worship you.
because i want to.
i want to forever adore you completely & entirely.


the words "Heaven isn't a place; it's a state of mind" were born within the clouds & like the rain, fell down into my head & grew inside my mind.


I'll reach heaven one day..& i'm taking you with me.

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