Antichrist II.

January 20, 2012
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Of all the people in the world, you're the one I hate the most.
Of all the mistakes I've made, loving you has been the worst.

You made everything so easy, it made me feel so strong..
You made me feel so powerful, but I was just a slave.
I tried to make the world perfect for you,
But everything I did was wrong.

It wasn't enough, it wasn't me.
I was trying too hard, I was losing my mind.
& you knew but didn't want to tell me
You kept me thinking I was doing well,
But I was messing up your world.

Every little ache you had, I tried to fix
But ended up making you bleed
Every discomfort of yours, I tried to make disappear
But all I did was cause you pain.

I was tearing you apart.
But I couldn't see.
I was destroying your world.
& you would let me.

This demon inside my soul was taking over me.
It filled me with rage that started eating me alive.
It hurt me. I tried to cry it out. I tried to scream it out.
But it just got worse.

& then you came along.
& my demon told me to hate you. So I did.
It told me to set my pain on you. So I did.
I watched you ache & scream for help.
I stared at you as my pain made you lose
your mind.
I saw it kill you. Slowly. Agonizingly.

From the Big Bang to the Apocalypse. From Jesuschrist to George Bush. Its been written in the stars but no one ever read it right.

Prophets say that Napoleon was the very first Antichrist.
They say Hitler was the second.
& they wonder who the third one might be.
But they don't know that it's always been just one.
The one that lives inside of me.

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