Mister Sun.

January 20, 2012
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I don't want you to read this.
I don't want you to know me.
You think you do, but you don't.
You think I've let you in, but I haven't.

- - - - -

There's something about the Sun.
It pulls me toward it. It wants me.
And I want it too.

& There's something about being in the Sun.
It burns my skin.
It goes through my pores
and starts a fire inside of me.
It runs through my veins and aches
every inch of me.
It consumes my body.
It eats me.
It turns me into ashes.
& It hurts.
But I love it.

It brings an unbearable pain, but I enjoy it.
It evaporates my thoughts and leaves me ignorant.
It disintegrates my soul and makes me nothing.
It slowly kills me.

I've tried to step into the shade
But when I do, I hate myself.
The shadows cool me off,
but the darkness drives me insane.

- - - - -

You're lovely.
Amazingly beautiful, Mr. Sun.
The moon does only but envy you.
It sends the clouds to hide you.
But you always manage to get out.
It sends the stars to replace you.
But you outshine them everytime.

You're almost perfect, but not quite.
I see no flaw in you and yet I know of your imperfection.

You shine very brightly. Beautifuly.
And it's lovely how your rays bring warmth to me.
It's wonderful the way you fill me with simple joy.
But after a while, you start to burn.
You burn me.

And once you start, you never stop.
And once it hurts, it doesn't mend.

I try to stay away from you.
I hide from you, coming out only at night.
But somehow you find me.
Somehow I return to you.


There are so many stars out there.
All bright.
All beautiful.
None of them compare to you.

And they might try and fade you out..
They might even dim you down..
But you just have to call and i will go and turn them off for you.
I'll do what you want for you to smile at me.
For you to shine down on me once more.


This isn't everything.
I have so many things to tell you.
So many complaints and words full of hate
but for tonight, I'll love you.

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