My Love For You Is Odd.

January 20, 2012
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And like flowers blooming before spring,
Like butterflies flying into the sun..
My love for you is odd.

In the dark, I pretend to sleep.
In the light, I try to stay awake.

Lighting up the world with new ideas..
Promoting sex and drugs and alcohol.
Nothing seems to be the same.

Speaking words I don't understand,
Just to get your attention.
Singing songs I know you like,
Just to warm up your heart.

And you don't notice all the pain,
Amplified by your apathy.
You don't realize that
I mean every word I say.


Far away from us, there are mountains
There are rivers & lakes.
Far away from us lies the sky
filled with stars & galaxies.

Far away is where we need to be.
Apart from the people & the noise.
Far away is where I'm going.
Apart from you & your hypocrisy.


Like angels getting lost in heaven.
Like stars shining brighter than the sun.
My Love for you is odd.

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