There Is Nothing Wrong.

January 20, 2012
By N.Marfil PLATINUM, Houston, Texas
N.Marfil PLATINUM, Houston, Texas
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Öf all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most.

There is nothing wrong with the way the Earth tends to get out of orbit ( as long as it comes back.)
There is nothing wrong with the fact that the Sun has forgotten how to shine ( as long as we still have stars.)
Darkness enjoys being seen, much as silence desires to be heard.
There is nothing wrong with that.

Why is it that words written down posses much more sense than those that are spoken?
Why must we simplify the way we reach out to other people?
If sense it makes while being read, why can't it be the same while being heard?
If your mind is able to think so beautifully deep, why do the words you speak come out so superficial?

And why is it we must always analyze every single particle that makes up our universe?
Why do we find it to be so necessary to understand?
Let's just let the days go on and on and on, letting everything just be.

If we unfocus and just contemplate the pure existance of the universe and what it holds, beauty shall naturally fill the atmosphere.
In every breath you take, the perfection of not knowing will invade you wonderfully. If you just open yourself to the universe, you will never be hurt again.

There is nothing wrong with filling yourself with the emotions of the world ( as long as you feel complete.)
There is nothing wrong with the way you live ( as long as you enjoy it.)
There is nothing wrong with being you ( as long as you know who you are.)
Hearts love to be broken, much like minds want to be thoughtless.
There is nothing wrong with that.

The author's comments:
- Inspired after a fight.

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