The Earth At Rest.

January 20, 2012
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Suddenly the ticking stopped. The earth stood still. The voices in my head were quiet. In that moment, everyone awoke.
Everyone, for once, was present. Looking up, amazed eyes - windows for the soul- took in the beauty of the sky. Thin clouds spread across it. Purple. Red. Yellow. Green. Colors raining down, colors floating up. All too real. Too alive.

The sun, soul of our existance, became one with our minds, expanding ever so gracefully, radiating heat. Sweat and heavy breaths. A mixture of a newborn rainbow and a demon escaping from Hell flew over our heads. A million of them. A million shooting stars. And the rest, the ones who stayed in place, they danced.

Now the Earth at rest after so long, the universe stayed on track. It continued to expand. It continued to live and create life. Planets, solar systems, galaxies. We watched them all fly by infinite times, waving goodbye.

We lived both of envy and relief. We were overwhelmed by both agony and pleasure. We felt both fear and safety. Both curiosity and indifference. Both anger and bliss. So many mixed emotions, we spent our time vomiting our sanity. Coughing up common sense. Breathing in confusion. Choking on our own insanity.Reality was simply far too real for us. Living the way we did, we never educated our minds. We spent each day pretending, never realizing that we were. Never living, only surviving. Oh, how pathetic we grew.

No wonder we lost our minds.

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