Deep in the Woods

January 20, 2012
I see her there
she stands
hands neatly intertwined
she stares
the silence of the moment
is deafening
I want to go to her
comfort her
for I see the wisdom and sadness
in her eyes
but I cannot move
for I am locked in her gaze
her stare penetrates my own
as if she can see deep
into my soul
the forest in which we stand
is untouched
by man
and time
and I know that is how she wants
to keep it
I see her memories of hurt
of broken love
she is young
and yet
she is older than I
in such a way that is
indescribable to man
she shows no emotion
as we stand there in the
anger and sorrow are deep within her I am sure
but she doesn’t let it show
she loves
the world
this place
I know
she is afraid of losing it
yet slowly
she bends her head
eyes leaving mine
and I breathe
I know I will never
be the same
she says in a low and
and I do
as if compelled by
someone other than myself
I run
reaching up
touch my face
only to find
a tear.

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