best friends

January 20, 2012
i wish you could see
how i grew up
how much i try to live up to the expects of me
you see.....
i try to be free
but there was always something holding me
you was never there
i searched around for that comfort you had
but when i would hold hands of someone all of a sudden i start to get mad
and all of a sudden there faces start to change and look at me funny
so i just turned to boys and became there little honeys
because i could never get that love at home
dads always screaming at somebody
always saying that I'm acting grown
always arguing and not trying to listen
so i would just walk around sad
and my family didn't know what was missing
its you
you left without even saying goodbye
you see everyone wants me to do great deeds
but how can i be soaring high
when i don't get the love i need
i mean, i go to the cemetery to pay my respects
and then dad married someone with no similarity
all they showed you was neglect
i mean , we loved each other
you were my best friend
and i will never love another
praying every night it wont be the end
so i write trying to keep you in my memory
thinking of the good times
how you were so beautiful and lovely
but mom i know i going to see you again
and we are going to be living it up
and go back to being best friends

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