The Reason Why.

January 20, 2012
“There She Lies..No Longer Does She Cry..No More Tears..No More Pain..As She Takes Her Last Breath..Her Last Tear..Her Last Memory..Her Last Hope..She Dies
Finally..Unwillingly..To Herself Alone..Will Be The Reason Why..Too The Others..Uneeded Suicide..Is There Only Thought..Too Them..She Ended Up Where Everybody Thought She Would..The Reason They Believe Though..Will Never Be Solved..She Took That Too Her Grave..Along With Her Secrets..Along With There
Questions..No Longer Will She Be Hurt..The Only Thing She Ever Wanted..Was Too Be Loved..Appreciated..Excepted..NooneEver Gave That Too Her..It Was All Too Much..Never Being Treated Like She Should..She Wasn’t The One Too Take Her Life Though..Theyy Were..Too Treat Her Poorly..Too Be Mean..And Selfish..Like She Wasn’t
A Person..She Thought She Was Worthless..No Longer Meaningful..But That Wasnt Why She Decided Too End It..That Reason Lies Beneath The Stone..The Stone Lyes Beneath Her Heart..Which Was Already Torn Apart.."

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