Angelic and Marina, The Queen of Atlantis and the Wolf-Chief Crier

January 31, 2012
Lost was
The Algae-bra
That held the gigantic bosom
of the conforming demi-god
sea-nymph Angelica,
Who held the reigns over
the rain-lands relations.

She was no goddess,
But a type of faux-pagan
And each of her people swore
by her
but secretly hated her insides,
her outsides being made of pure-candied femme,
but not so much so that it hid her impending

And once she had a sister,
Gone to live in the sky,
Away from Atlantis,
far from the Pisces queen.
So ugly and yet inside, as beautiful as the
sea it-self,
She had once met Infant Infinity
And had even made Orphee, smile,
But she died on the moon,
the virgin made,
the maid of math,
was exiled.

September 24, 2011

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